BC Labrador Retriever Club

The Club has several annual awards that are presented at our Annual General Meeting.

Versatility Awards


The innate abilities, instincts andintelligence of Labrador retrievers have led to the popularity of the breed as companions, sporting and working dogs. The purpose of the Versatility program is:

To recognize and preserve the inherent traits of the breed and to encourage owners to enjoy them
To encourage and acknowledge the achievements of Labrador retrievers and their owners in a variety of established activities
To encourage owners to provide opportunities for their dogs to participate in the many ways in which Labrador retrievers are capable of working and thereby enable dogs and owners to know the joy of working together.


In order to apply to for these awards, the owner must be a member in good standing of the BCLRC. The Awards are lifetime as opposed to annual awards. Achievements are accumulated through the lifetime of the dog.

Achievements that go towards the Versatility Award are carried forward to the Versatility Excellent Award. Unless otherwise stated, Canadian and American achievements are eligible as criteria.

Deceased dogs meeting registration requirements and having fulfilled all the requirements for certification are eligible for the award if the owner was a member of BCLRC when the dog was alive.

All necessary documentation must be completed and submitted to the Awards Chair for review. Only Labrador Retrievers are eligible for the Versatility Program.

The Versatility Award requires three achievements in a minimum of three categories. The Versatility Excellent Award requires six achievements in a minimum of four categories. For both awards, one of the achievements must be in the field category. Only one achievement at each level in a category will be counted. For example, if a dog has earned both CKC and AKC agility novice jumpers with weaves title, only one of these will be counted.


Field (WC, Hunt tests, Field)
Rally Obedience
Other: CGN, Draft, Temperament test, Therapy, Flyball, Herding, working dogs (SAR, assistance etc).



Dog A has earned a CKC CGN, CD, CH, WC/JH, and WCI. (5 achievements)
Dog B has earned a CKC CD, JH, CH (3 achievements)
Dog C is not eligible. Although it has earned a CKC WC/JH WCI, AgN (3 achievements), the achievements are only for 2 categories.

Versatility Excellent

Dog D has earned a CKC CGN, WC/JH, AgNS/AgNJS. It has earned AKC RN, RA and RE titles. It also participates in 7-10 Therapy dog visits each year. (7 achievements)

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