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The purpose of a field trial is to as closely as possible simulate a day of hunting by having the dogs complete a series of retrieves using shotguns firing blanks and dead birds. During the trial dogs compete against other dogs with a similar level of training until there is a winner

Junior or Derby

This is the Beginners level where dogs are under 2 years of age, they will be expected to be able to complete both single and double retrieves on both land and water. A single retrieve is where one bird is thrown and retrieved and a double is where 2 birds are thrown and retrieved, forcing the dog to remember the location of the first bird. Dogs are allowed to be brought to the line (starting position ) on a leash


This is open to all dogs who have not won the maximum number of wins in this stake. The dog will be expected to demonstrate its mastery of singles and doubles. Triples and blinds will also be added to the tests. Blinds are where a bird is placed before the dog is brought to the line . The dog is then sent to retrieve the bird using whistle and hand signals to guide it . At this level the dog is brought to the line without a leash or collar

Amateur Open

This is open to all dogs with amateur handlers . At this level the dog will have mastered all types of retrieves and will also be required to sit at heel while another dog completes a retrieve


This class is open to all dogs and handlers both amateur and professional the tests are the same as above

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