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Hunt tests are set up to simulate a day of hunting. Therefore shotguns firing blanks are used and the dogs retrieve dead birds. In the Hunt test, the dog is measured against a standard and not against the other dogs.

There are 4 levels of titles; Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter, Master and Grand Master Hunter. With the exception of Grand Master Hunter, the dogs may be entered into any of the divisions, and it is not necessary to complete all tests in order.

Junior Hunter

At this level, the dog is allowed to be brought to the line on leash and may be hand steadied. The dog will be required to make two land retrieves under 75 yards and 2 water retrieves under 75 yards. Upon completion of 3 successful tests, the dog will be awarded its Junior Hunter title.

Senior Hunter

In this test, the dog must be brought to the line without a leash or collar and must be steady at the line, without touching or talking by the handler. Also at this level, the dog will be required to do honors ( which is sitting at heel as another dog is sent ). To successfully complete this test, the dog will be required to do one land double, one water double, one land blind, one water blind, as well as a demonstration of quartering. To earn the Senior Hunter title, you must complete 5 tests or if your dog has already received his Junior Hunter, she must only have completed 4 tests.


Master Hunter

In this test, the dog will be required to complete multiple land and water marks under moderate to heavy cover. As well as land and water blinds, the dog will also be required to demonstrate quartering and be steady to flushing. To earn its Master Hunter title, the dog must complete 6 tests or 5 if it has its Senior Hunter title.

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